Stereotyping Technicality?

Adya Gupta
2 min readJan 30, 2021


Being a current Master's in Economics student, I had chosen applied macro as one of my modules of interest for the term. When the classes began, I was rather surprised that I was the only girl in the class. But it didn't really matter because the macro is what I prefer, others may not, right?

Out of habit, I shared this at home with my mom, and the first thing she asked me was if this module and field are very technical! This was very unusual for her to say because being the mother of two daughters she is quite a feminist in herself. And that is exactly the reason her question threw me off-guard even more.

For me, economics is something which is meant to solve the problems of the world, more so now than ever. Then where does the question of males and females come here? Or is it that problems can be solved by anyone but if it involves a technical aspect, it's more suited for guys.

Sharing this today is not meant to downgrade my mom but it is because my mom said this that I realize how many other people may also think likewise and most probably to a worse extent. Just to make things clear, I am a problem solver who loves to play with data and substantiate everything with solid logic and reason. My practicality is something that people love and hate in me at the same time. AND I AM A GIRL.

To put more and more emphasis on this, the technicality of a subject is not a complication or advancement of the subject. Rather, it is a much simpler way to solve more complicated issues. Where does male/ female come here?

Yours Technically,